The stories of our employees

The stories of our employees

Day in, day out, we are busy optimising our customers’ logistics processes. Our employees are the key to our success and their hard work enables us to deliver bespoke logistic solutions. To better illustrate the activities of Schotpoort, we offer the stories of six of our employees working in various departments throughout the company.

The stories of…


Account manager warehousing

“We never have a single normal day at the office and that is exactly the most fun aspect of my job, the diversity.”

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The Schotpoort Logistics office
A picture of Tanja


Customer Service Employee

“No two days are the same, you never really know what exactly is on your plate before you get to the office.”

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Alexandru driving his clamptruck


Clamp Truck driver

“I have enjoyed doing my job for several years and I am always happy. The work itself is very fun and every day is different.”

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Marco's LHV truck



“As a truck driver, I obviously enjoy being on the road the most, as that is what I do day in and day out.”

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Mart utilising the planning software
A picture of Mart


Junior transport planner

“Creating a transport planning is really challenging however, that is what makes the job interesting and fun.”

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Paul operating a forklift at the distribution centre


Location Manager Distribution centre

“I enjoy the contact with people the most; we have a very pleasant team in which there is always time for some banter”

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