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Supply Chain

Supply chain management

As a full-service logistics provider, we can take the entire management of your logistics chain off your hands. Besides transport and warehousing, we also have years of experience running both on-site and in-house logistics services for several trading and manufacturing companies.

We understand all too well that handing over control of your logistics chain is daunting. This is why it cannot happen overnight. Before taking control, our logistics engineers always coordinate the disconnection point with you and how we can optimise logistics costs up to that point. Together, we devise a fully bespoke logistics concept for your business and situation.

Supply Chain

Satisfied customers in on-site and in-house logistics
A clamptruck used for our on-site logistics

Track your logistics activities with our digital platforms and expertise

We use our knowledge and experience supported by data and a strong partner network to offer bespoke logistics solutions and advise you appropriately. We will work with you to constantly optimise your logistics process and reduce your costs while never losing sight of your business processes and ensuring reliable deliveries.

We have all the necessary digital platforms at our disposal to optimally set up the logistics processes within your supply chain. This includes the right transport and warehouse management systems, including access to a large network of logistics partners. We also offer our own Schotportal. Together, all systems allow us to share business intelligence and improve your logistics processes in a data-driven way.

Efficiently linking our logistics systems with your (SAP) systems (via EDI, for example) allows us to seamlessly connect logistics and your other business processes.

Advisory role

We not only manage your entire supply chain, but we are also happy to share our logistics knowledge with you. Our logistics engineers have extensive knowledge of warehouse layout and how to connect your business processes to the required logistics IT systems as efficiently as possible.

In the case of in-house or on-site logistics services, we can assist you in optimising the layout of your available space and equipping it with the right equipment. Of course, we do not stop at advice: we can also take care of the procurement of logistics equipment such as forklifts or racking.

Together with you, we ensure the most efficient use of available space, systems and resources so you can fully focus on your core business!

On-site warehousing facility


Handling of Long goods

Schotpoort Logistics is highly experienced in handling various types of goods. One of these is the storage, handling and transport of longitudinal goods.

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On-site logistics

When one of our customers in the paper industry planned to outsource a large part of their on-site logistics operations, we saw an opportunity to jump in.

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Schotpoort Logistics: Part of your Success.

Your success needs you to focus on your core business, which is something we understand quite well at Schotpoort Logistics. Our family business has more than 85 years’ experience linking logistics to personal service.

As a full-service logistics provider, we offer comprehensive transport, warehousing, supply chain management and special support solutions for logistics projects and on-site logistics.

We offer our clients the best solutions based on our logistics expertise and experience, making use of modern systems, an extensive partner network and a solid base of in-house resources to ensure seamless connections between logistics and your other business processes. This way you’ll never have to worry about fluctuating volumes, logistics planning, or capacity so you can focus on your core business.

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