Handling of Long goods

Innovative solutions for sensitive and long goods

As a full-service logistics provider, Schotpoort Logistics has become very experienced in handling various types of goods. One of these is the storage, handling and transport of long goods. For one of our clients, we take care of the complete warehousing of their aluminium extrusion profiles.

Storage of length goods in our warehouse in Hoogezand
The special cart used to move the aluminium between productions stations

Our customer’s challenge

”Our challenge lies in the types of goods we produce, these length goods in the form of aluminium extrusion profiles are more difficult to handle and prone to damage due to a combination of their length and weight. Therefore, we were looking for a logistics provider with experience in handling these goods and who could also provide adequate storage conditions.”

Schotpoort’s solution

“To handle our client’s goods safely and efficiently, we work with so-called side loaders. These are specially designed forklifts for handling long goods. In this way, we keep our handling speed high and minimise the risk of product damage. During our cooperation with the customer, we discovered that moving the aluminium profiles from station to station within the plant posed a major challenge. In consultation with the customer, we designed a special cart that allows the goods to be moved easily between production stations within the factory.

“By also using this trolley to move semi-finished and finished products from the factory to our storage location, we minimise handling in the factory, which again reduces the risk of damage and increases throughput. Besides warehousing, our people also take care of transport planning for our customer. After all, over the years we have gained the necessary product knowledge. By combining this knowledge with our knowledge of logistics, we ensure optimum loading of the trailers, without losing sight of the sensitivity of our customer’s product. In doing so, we realise the lowest logistics costs in the chain for our customer.”

Loading aluminium profiles with side loader in Hoogezand

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