About Schotpoort

Schotpoort Logistics – Part of your success.

Schotpoort Logistics has distinguished itself through close collaboration with our clients since the first shipment in 1934. As a result, we are now a truly international logistics service provider.

An old Schotpoort Truck with a Pillopak trailer
Photo: Schotpoort Logistics as Pillopak’s transporter in the year 1980. A partnership that still exists to this day.
Our office in Eerbeek

Tailor-made solutions for complete logistical unburdening

When providing transport, warehousing and supply chain solutions, we go above and beyond the standards of the sector. As a matter of principle, we do what it takes to meet your needs, delivering bespoke solutions based on our advanced systems and a proven mix of knowledge, experience and transparency. In-house resources and tools ensure the reliability of our solutions and allow you to have continuous insight into and control of your variable logistical expenses.

Outsourcing of logistics operations

Looking for someone to handle every aspect of your logistics requirements? We can handle everything, including just-in-time delivery of raw materials and semi-finished products, storage and transhipment processes, the subsequent distribution of end products, even installation and assembly. Whatever you need, wherever you need it, when you need it. Because part of your success is our promise!

An employee loading aluminium profiles

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