On-site logistics

One of our shunting trucks used to transport reels of paper

Local and effective logistics

When one of our clients in the paper production industry was planning on outsourcing a large portion of their on-site logistics activities, we at Schotpoort Logistics immediately saw an opportunity to realize a seamless and efficient transition. With our longstanding experience in paper industry logistics we were sure that we could provide our client with the perfect solution.

The challenge

„The challenge for our company was how to properly outsource our logistic activities in such a way that nothing was lost during the transition and that it had no significant impact on our business. To realize this we required a partner with experience in on-site and in-house logistics to whom we could delegate our logistical activities so that we could focus on the core business of producing paper.” 

A clamp truck moving a paper reel
A paper reel being moved by the clamping truck

Our solution

”In this particular case our logistics engineers started working in close relationship with the client, this enabled them to make the transition as smooth as possible. To guarantee that our client can focus on their core business we currently as a complete logistical service provider carry out multiple processes on-site and throughout the entire supply chain.”

“On the front end of our clients processes, we take care of the transport of waste paper towards the factory. At the factory premises our personnel takes care of unloading the waste paper and supplying the waste paper to the machines by loading waste paper, following the correct recipe, on the conveyor belts.”

”After our client is finished with the production process, we arrange the discharge of the production belt and the transportation from the production belt to our warehouses via tailor-made shunting equipment. At the warehouses, we take care of stock management, and the weighing of trucks at the time of loading/unloading of the products which is performed by our special clamping trucks.”

”In addition to the on site logistics we take care of the transportation of paper reels throughout entire europe for our client. We do this by utilizing our own fleet, but also by utilizing our partner network. All of the transport processes are supervised by our “control tower”. We do also have the possibility to load containers using our special containertruck and loading bridge. We can therefore ensure that we always offer our client the most efficient transport solution.”

During the entire logistics process on site, from supply of waste paper for the production of paper reels until transport of paper reels towards the clients of our client, we do take into account the Good Manufcaturing Practices. This way our client does not have to worry about logistics processes and can fully focus on her core business.”

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