Warehouse design & in-house logistics

Complete integration via in-house logistics

For the better part of a decade, we have been facilitating warehousing and transportation for one of the largest safety shoe producers in Europe. With the focus on seamlessly integrating our services with their logistical processes, we strive to relieve them of all the logistical processes so that they can focus on their core business, which is the production of safety shoes. In our opinion that is exactly how it should be!

The assembly line of the safety shoe producer
The warehouse is designed to get the most out of the available space

The challenge of our client

”Seven years ago when we first contacted Schotpoort Logistics we were looking for a potential warehouse partner which could keep track of our stock. Previously we had been storing our goods within an external warehouse which was driving up our costs and made arrangements more difficult since we were not the owners of the warehouse itself.” 

Our solution

”After having multiple conversations with the client regarding their warehousing challenge, it became evident that owned space near the production premises of the client was not properly utilized. One of these buildings seemed a perfect fit to run the clients’ warehousing operations. So our logistics engineers started working on a design for the brand new warehousing space. Only a couple of months later a dedicated group of Schotpoort Logistics employees commenced working at the client’s building to implement the optimal warehouse design.”

”The formerly unoccupied building was outfitted with pallet racking, scanners, and computers with Schotpoort Logistics’ own warehouse management system to take care of administrative activities and man-up machines that allow for easy and safe order picking.”

”Up to the present day, our people are taking care of all the handling and storage activities whilst maintaining a close line of communication with the client’s manufacturing department. Going a step beyond what is necessary, we also organize and coordinate all transport activities for our client and by periodically tendering for transport rates we guarantee that our client always has a competitive rate.”

The warehousing facility of our client

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