Warehousing & Logistics

For many years, we have provided warehousing and transport for several large companies within the cardboard packaging industry.

Whether it is the warehousing of their produced goods in one of our warehouses or the transportation of their packaging to other manufacturers across Europe, we are happy to provide all of our logistic services to aid your company or organisation – something that can be expected from a full-service logistics provider like Schotpoort Logistics!

Storage of corrugated cardboard in our warehouse in Eerbeek
Storage of paper packaging at our main office in Eerbeek

The challenge

“To make sure that we can keep producing our goods we require a large amount of storage space close to our production facility. The delay in getting products out of the production facility and into our warehouses was costing us more time and money than we would have liked. To optimise our warehousing, we contacted Schotpoort Logistics to see if they could help us overcome this challenge.”

Our solution

To help our client overcome this challenge our logistics engineers began with a deep dive into the warehousing processes and the necessary data. To better suit the need for more warehousing space for the client, our logistics engineers started to empty our warehouses of products not bound for Eerbeek and got rid of the used pallet racking.

At first, this decision might have seemed a bit odd however, our logistics engineers calculated that with the high inventory turnover it would be more beneficial for the client to store their pallets with the block stacking method. Utilizing this method lowered the personnel costs resulting in larger savings.

A forklift driver moving a pallet of paper

Going the extra mile

However, we did not just stop at the warehousing of the client’s finished product. Always going that extra mile, we analysed the other processes involved with the production and concluded that the flow of raw materials (paper rolls) could be combined with one of our other clients who utilized the same materials. This resulted in cost savings for both parties while their processes became more resilient to volume fluctuations.

The client needed a continuous flow of products from the production facility to their warehouses, to create this flow Schotpoort Logistics invested in the creation of a dedicated shuttle service that is continuously driving from the production facility to our warehouses. At the warehouses, extra trailers were organised to immediately transport some of these pallets to the client’s direct customers and to prevent unnecessary handling.

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