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Bata Industrials

”Schotpoort has set up an efficient warehouse in our building in which they take care of the inbound, storage and outbound of our products.”

Bata Industrials & Schotpoort

André Daas has been working for the company that produces safety shoes and socks for over 22 years. Of these 22 years, he has been the Supply Chain Manager for 18 years. During that time, André has worked with a large variety of different logistical service providers such as Schotpoort Logistics.

”When we decided to make the transition to a new logistical service provider, we conversed with several parties. Schotpoort hit the bull’s eye straight away, as far as I was concerned. They came with just two people, the director/decision-maker together with a real professional. No broad sales pitches, but short and to the point.”

”Schotpoort designed and arranged the set up of a warehouse on our premises. This arrangement has been very advantageous, providing us with short lines and a high level of efficiency. It is our building, but their equipment, their forklifts, scanners and Warehouse Management System (WMS). But most important of all: it’s their people. It is perplexing how flexible and motivated the Schotpoort employees are. They swiftly adapt and excellently cooperate with our clients.”

”Schotpoort unburdens our entire supply chain, from transportation to warehousing which includes processing, stickering and placing of the goods, storage and the outward journey that is the delivery to our clients. A small but very important aspect of the cooperation is the presence of a key contact person at Schotpoort. Schotpoort automatically provides a replacement in the event of holidays. Of course, this is someone who has studied the way our company operates beforehand.”

Bata shoes being used during a construction job
Boost master Bob, the face of Bata

About Bata Industrials

Bata Industrials was founded in the 1970s and over the years has grown into one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and sellers of safety footwear and work socks, aimed specifically at the professional end-user.

Bata’s motto: ”At Bata Industrials, we strive for one thing and one thing only: the safety of professionals worldwide. That’s why we do everything we can within every market to make the best professional safety shoe!”

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André Daas: ”At Schotpoort they know what they are talking about!”