48% reduction of CO2 emissions! The LEAN and Green Star is in.

After an assessment of our verification report by the Connekt foundation, it turned out that through the smart use of knowledge and resources, we have managed to achieve a CO2 reduction of no less than 48% in the past five years.

We can therefore state that the constant focus on increasing the load factor, investments in a young fleet, staff training (such as the ‘new driving’ training for professional drivers) and investments in LED lighting in our offices and warehouses, have borne fruit.

On the road to 0% emission

The first star is in but this does not mean we can sit back, as there are as many as three more stars to obtain. Each star builds on the previous result achieved. Each consecutive star requires development and additional reduction. The final goal, of course, is to achieve 0% CO2 emissions.

We are looking forward to receiving the LEAN and Green star soon, together with other frontrunners in the field of sustainability.

We will then take on the next challenge straight away: our ambition is now to achieve the 2nd LEAN and Green star because we at Schotpoort like to do our bit for a better living quality for people and the environment!

For more information on the Lean and Green initiative click here.

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