Just in time deliveries

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Apart from all our additional services, Schotpoort Logistics remains a transport company at heart, providing transport in the broadest sense is what we do for our clients every day. So too for one of our regular clients who sells sports equipment tailored to equestrian sports market.

One of our trucks in France for a JIT delivery
A Schotpoort trailer in Switzerland

Our client’s challenge

“When we received many orders simultaneously in early 2020, we faced a problem. This was because these orders had to be delivered to 60 different locations in France and Switzerland, this at many inner-city retail branches that are usually difficult to reach. The deadline and delivery date for this project were very tight, so we struggled to find a logistics service provider who could receive, sort and then deliver a large number of items to 60 locations as quickly as possible. These orders would come in large shipments, to process this quickly and efficiently demanded a lot of manpower, good coordination and, of course, ample warehousing capacity. In addition, such a large volume of shipments requires an equal amount of documentation that needs to be signed and checked. One of the companies we approached for this gigantic challenge was Schotpoort Logistics.”

Our solution

“Thanks to our modern systems and the flexibility and possibility of job rotation within our various warehouse locations, we were obviously able to provide a suitable solution for our client’s just-in-time delivery. In consultation with our customer, we agreed when the customer’s containers would arrive and within a 2-day time frame, we ensured that each of the containers was unloaded, that the items were sorted and repacked per order and ready for immediate shipment.

Thanks to our wide network, we were also able to immediately deploy the various partners specialising in France to schedule shipments to the 60 addresses. A number of unforeseen situations also occurred during the project, but thanks to the experience and creativity of our special support department, in the end all shipments were delivered Just in Time and with the required type of truck to the right addresses.”

A Schotpoort truck parked next to a lake in France

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