Norway drive

Drive highlights: Just in time delivery to 2 addresses in Norway

Last week, we made consecutive just in time deliveries to shopping centres in Sarpsborg and Trondheim for one of our customers in project logistics in a short time, all in all, a great ride to perform and to highlight.

A Schotpoort Truck arriving at the first address in Sarpsborg

The delivery in Sarpsborg was scheduled for Tuesday at 07:00 am and the delivery in Trondheim was for 07:00 am on Wednesday. As these two cities are about a 10-hour drive apart, good cooperation between planning and the driver was vital to ensure timely delivery to both shopping centres.

After all, on-site assembly work should never come to a standstill. Needless to say, our people made sure that both shipments were delivered on time. Our driver even found the time to take some nice snapshots along the way.

A Schotpoort trailer arriving at the second address in Trondheim
Picture of Norwegian nature
Delen via social media