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Bark Packaging Group

”I can say that Schotpoort can adopt our mission and vision and translate it to our clients. We are delighted with the partnership.”

Bark Packaging Group & Schotpoort

”When Mr Bark, the company’s owner and namesake, passed away halfway through the year 2000, I was presented with the opportunity to take over the entire company”, explains director/owner Berny Plas. “Since 2022, we at Bark are part of the Berlin Packaging group, and within this group we create packaging concepts tailored to the customer’s needs.”

“For us, transport is not part of our core business, but logistics is to some extent. Although logistics is to some extent part of our core business it is not something we necessarily excel at, we realized that there are companies out there that could provide better logistical services.”That is why we have been working with Schotpoort for about ten years now. They take care of all of our transportation-oriented needs. Our cooperation was further intensified when they also started to manage our warehousing.”

”Every evening we have one employee who takes stock of the expected flow of incoming and outgoing goods for the following day and how many order pickers from Schotpoort we would require. Sometimes more or fewer people are required however, it is of no problem: Schotpoort is very flexible.”

”That flexible switching and adaptation to our company‚Äôs needs are what makes the collaboration with Schotpoort so special. They make an active contribution by monitoring our Total Cost of Ownership.” Mr Plas says: ”the fact that Schotpoort is a family business can be seen as advantageous. I prefer a flat organisation with minimal management layers and associated delay these layers often include. With a family business such as Schotpoort, I have the feeling that I am conversing with entrepreneurs, which works effectively and efficiently.

The storage of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) for the Bark Packaging Group
A display of the many packaging solutions that the Bark Packaging Group offers

About the Bark Packaging Group

The Bark Packaging Group is an international packaging service provider. The company specialises in developing, (re)designing, distributing and supplying a wide range of packaging and packaging materials.

Bark Packaging Group provides packaging solutions in the broadest sense of the word. From product-oriented packaging innovations to packaging portfolio management and from lean packaging to supply chain management.

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Berny Plas: ”Partnership as it should be.”