Landal greenparks

Landal Greenparks

“Thanks to our key contact at Schotpoort, a single word is all we need to understand each other.”

Landal Greenparks & Schotpoort

“We have been working with Schotpoort Logistics for ten years now and I can safely say, that up until now this partnership has been to our complete satisfaction. Our organisation utilises the services that Schotpoort as a logistics service provider offers.” Says project manager Robert Hoen.

”In the past ten years, we have carried out large-scale bungalow renovations at our parks. To carry out the renovations, we have our suppliers deliver the new furniture to ‘our’ warehouse which is provided by Schotpoort, the delivery directly to the warehousing of Schotpoort ensures a smooth and efficient process. While Schotpoort arranges the transportation of the required furniture to the corresponding bungalows at exactly the right time in the renovation process, they also help our staff unload and assemble it.”

Lastly, Robert Hoen rewards us with a praiseworthy comment. ”We are a recreational company, and we need to ensure that our guests can enjoy a carefree holiday. It is good to see how much the Schotpoort employees respect this value during their work at the parks.”

One of Landal's holiday accommodations
A landal holiday park

About Landal Greenparks

Landal GreenParks is a dynamic organisation that is a leader in the management, operation and rental of bungalow parks. Landal GreenParks has over 110 parks with a total of around 15,000 bungalows. The organisation distinguishes itself from other providers by the open character of the parks. Rest, space and nature are the main characteristics that are associated with Landal.

With 63 parks in the Netherlands, Landal occupies first place among the Dutch providers of bungalow parks. Abroad, Landal has parks in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary and the United Kingdom. Seven parks include a campsite, with a total of over 1,450 camping spaces.

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Robert Hoen: ”Yes, excellent people, those guys from Schotpoort Logistics.”