Innovation and the effective use of technology allow Schotpoort to excel.

On the 8th of June, the top 100 logistics service providers of the Netherlands were announced. Whereas last year we occupied spot 55, this year we proudly announce that we have risen 2 places to now stand 53rd in the rankings due to our strong innovation.

Innovation and good use of technology pay off!

After last year’s classification, the expectation this year was that Schotpoort would remain constant. After all, as a medium-sized family firm, we did not see a particularly large increase in our quantitative figures, like some of the big players in the market. However, it is our innovative use of technology and digital platforms that makes us stand out. As a logistics service provider, we specialise in providing customised solutions, always intending to create a win-win situation. Through these solutions, we are convinced that we are part of the customer’s success.

The smart and effective design of our digital platforms makes it easier for us to provide all services efficiently and inform our clients proactively. Our client portal, Schotportal, provides our clients with a large amount of information about their shipments, in a completely transparent way.

Continuous improvement and optimisation of our systems are prerequisites for providing a high level of service to our customers. By continuously converting our data into usable and measurable data, we ensure that we can continue to strive toward efficiency and provide our customers with correct and reliable information.

The Schotportal is providing shipment data to one of our clients
Photo: Using the portal gives a customer detailed information about active shipments

Innovation is one of the ongoing themes of the top 100 logistical service providers. After all, we as a logistics sector must – all the more so because of the current capacity problems – tackle our work in an increasingly smarter way to make full use of our capacity. This is why we are fully committed to innovation and converting information into usable data for our operations. This ensures that we can continue to serve our clients and offer our customised solutions.

Thanks to Schotpoort’s innovative operational management, the research panel involved in creating the ranking decided to reward us with the highest attainable score of 5 stars for the components of Smart warehousing and Digital platforms!

This reward gives Schotpoort that extra push which assures us that we are on the right track. Needless to say, this growth could not be obtained without the efforts and hard work of all of our colleagues. With our feet firmly on the right path, we are looking to what the future may hold in store for us.

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