Just in time delivery at 60+ addresses in France and Switzerland

For an international manufacturer of sporting goods, we are arranging the just-in-time delivery of more than 60 shipments throughout France and Switzerland.

On the 10th and 11th of March, several containers arrived at our warehouse in Eerbeek from Asia. As some shipments had to be delivered to the far south of France, it was of great importance to group the shipments immediately after unloading the containers to guarantee delivery at the specified date. As befits Schotpoort, we all pulled together. The result: within two days, all shipments were repacked and checked and ready for dispatch.

Just as we were about to start loading the shipments (some were already on their way), we received the first reports of a possible general lockdown in France. We immediately informed our client and, in consultation with all stakeholders, decided to postpone the action until further notice.

A map of the Benelux, France and Switzerland to display all the delivery addresses
Photo: All delivery addresses of the Just in time project

Now, after more than 10 weeks, it seems that together, we are getting the Covid-19 virus under control and (internationally) the rules are being relaxed step by step. This has also allowed us to carry out the final phase of the project and today all 60 shipments are delivered, again just-in-time, throughout France and Switzerland.

If you are interested in learning about the logistics solutions Schotpoort can offer you, feel free to contact us at sales@schotpoortlogistics.eu or +31 (0)313-673997. We will be happy to tell you more!

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