De Jong Paper de Hoop and Schotpoort Logistics extend the contract.

Eerbeek, 11th of February 2022 – Paper mill De Jong Paper de Hoop and logistical service provider Schotpoort Logistics resigned their contract regarding the provision of on-site logistics services for the next 5 years. Thus extending the company’s long-lasting strategic partnership.

Schotpoort Logistics acts as the logistical extension of De Jong Paper de Hoop per their logistical services contract. Schotpoort Logistics tends to the logistical activities before and after the production process, this of course in close cooperation with De Jong Paper de Hoop. The logistical activities include unloading of waste paper, supply of this waste paper to the paper machines via conveyor belts, the purchasing and internal transportation of paper rolls from the production site towards the storage facilities, the precise handling/loading of these paper rolls and the transportation towards the customers of De Jong Paper de Hoop.

With the extension of the strategic partnership, both parties secure the logistical processes surrounding the supply of waste paper and the removal of rolls of the finished product for the upcoming years.

About De Jong Paper de Hoop.
De Jong Paper de Hoop is the specialist when it comes to producing recycled paper for the packaging industry, plasterboard and honeycomb sheets, and has been part of De Jong Packaging Group since the 4th quarter of 2021.

About Schotpoort Logistics.
Schotpoort Logistics is a full logistical service provider which focuses on relieving production companies and trade companies from all of their logistical activities via dedicated transport, warehousing, in-house & on-site logistics.

Schotpoort and De Jong Paper de Hoop with the new shunting equipment
Photo: A new contract also includes new equipment, De Jong Paper de Hoop and Schotpoort Logistics during the presentation of the brand new shuttle equipment.
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