White glove logistic service provision: Furnishing project Paris

At the start of this year Schotpoort Logistics, with the assistance of Nederland Distributieland was able to establish a professional relationship with a leading party in interior design projects from the United Kingdom. Due to the events surrounding Brexit, this party was looking for a logistical partner on the European mainland for white glove logistics services.

White glove logistics services can be characterised by a high level of customer-specific services that require extensive service provision. Given our substantial experience in project and event logistics, this assignment was something we did not shy away from. This particular case concerned an interior design project for two large buildings, with a total of 33 studio apartments, two large communal living rooms and several bathrooms. Our client provided the entire interior design, while also relieving its client of the tasks such as the ordering of furniture and other inventory items, as well as the actual furnishing of the buildings.

Our client asked us if we could take care of the warehousing part (receiving the furniture and taking stock of the items) and the operational activities on site. In recent years, as a permanent partner of Landal Greenparks, we have obtained the necessary experience when it comes to furnishing and installation of household appliances, so we were immediately convinced that a project like this was tailor-made for us, “yes, of course, we can’’ we answered thusly.

The furnishings are being delivered
Photo: Monday morning, the goods were delivered by Schotpoort trailer (and also by 2 vans driven by our multiskilled employees who both possess a driver’s license and are able to perform assembly work).

Start of the project

Last week our first project for this party was scheduled. A serious job, which required the necessary coordination and preparation. Before the start of the project, we appointed a project leader. Our project leader conducted all the necessary preparations and orchestrated all on-site activities. Detailed information had to be exchanged with the customer to understand exactly how much and which work had to be carried out, something that was of significant importance to guarantee the project’s duration and punctual delivery. During the preparation phase, our project manager ensured that all goods arrived on time, that our customer was informed on a day-to-day basis of any missing goods, and that all goods were sorted and delivered to the right project location so that on-site searches could be kept to a minimum.

On Sunday the 29th of August, we travelled to Paris with an experienced team of 6 people intending to complete the project within 5 working days. Once on-site, our team unloaded the furniture and other inventory items for the furnishing of the premises, and then immediately set to work on decorating the interior. The various pieces of furniture and all other inventory items were taken to the corresponding rooms within the buildings and then unpacked. After unpacking, the various cabinets and beds were assembled, mirrors, hooks and wall decorations were mounted to the walls, and the furniture and other inventory items were placed in the right places in the various rooms.

A pictrue of the fully furnished living room
Photo: Part of the interior: all furniture has been assembled and placed by the Schotpoort Team.

After a successful week, our project team could return home at the end of Friday afternoon. The next projects are already in the pipeline: the third building in Paris and a hotel in the Randstad!

Hard work pays off, the team explores the nightlife of Paris
Photo: Hard work pays off! After a week of work the team had earned a well-deserved night out in Paris.

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