Schotpoort Logistics builds a new semi-automatic high-bay warehouse in Eerbeek

After a well-thought-out concept & drawing phase, the first shovel went into the ground at the end of January for the construction of a 4200m2 semi-automatic high-rise warehouse on the Coldenhovenseweg.

The warehouse: Modern with an eye for sustainability.

On the new Schotpoort Logistics site, the Zweers Bouw people are currently busy pouring a foundation. A brand-new and modern high-rise warehouse will be standing on this foundation in a few months, with a height of 12 metres and a surface area of 4,200 square metres.

The skeleton of what will soon become a High-bay warehouse
Extra space is being created for the docks

The new warehouse will be set up completely according to current standards and meets all the modern certification requirements of the SKAL, ISO 9001 and HACCP quality marks. The new warehouse will also work with modern scan and WMS systems (In&Out from Centric), which are already utilised in the other warehouses. This is to always be able to provide transparent stock levels and allow all goods to be traced at any time.

The environment is also taken into account when setting up the warehouse. The entire warehouse will be fitted with sensor-controlled LED lighting, which will result in energy savings of approximately 80% compared to the use of normal lighting.

Optimal use of space: narrow aisles & man-up machines.

Schotpoort Logistics is planning on using the available space in the new warehouse as efficiently as possible and handling the stored goods with a high focus on safety.

This will be done via our new man-up machines these are warehousing trucks which can lift to about 16 metres high and which run automatically over a line sawn into the floor employing induction guidance. This allows the aisle widths to be kept to a minimum and the storage space to a maximum.

With the man-up machines, our warehouse employees can ascend with the forks of the warehousing truck, so that they always have an accurate overview of the goods that need to be handled. Ascending with the truck allows the employees to easily pick goods at package level.

The brand new man-up machines that will be used in our high-bay warehouse
The installation of pallet racks

Facts and figures

The new warehouse with 8,500 pallet places is expected to be fully operational at the end of May. Thanks to this expansion, Schotpoort Logistics will have 14,400 m2 of warehouse space at the Coldenhovenseweg as of May. This brings the total number of square metres of warehouse space in Eerbeek, Best and Hoogezand to about 75,000. Divided over these 75,000 m2, are more than 35,000 pallets and more than 20,000 tonnes of paper rolls, aluminium bundles and other lengthy goods stored.

The finished racking of our high-bay warehouse

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