Bata Industrials & Schotpoort Logistics extend cooperation

We are pleased to announce that we were recently able to conclude the extension of our collaboration with Bata Industrials. During the many years of pleasant cooperation, we have managed to seamlessly connect their production process to our logistical services.

It all started about 5 years ago when the warehousing contract that Bata Industrials had signed expired. At that time, Bata Industrials utilised external storage facilities that were provided by a different logistical service provider. When we first started our conversations with Bata, it turned out that there was an available building on the company’s own premises from which the logistics operation could be outfitted to create a more efficient flow and a smoother run.

After a few good meetings, our Logistical Engineers started to devise and design the optimal warehousing layout. Only a few short months later, a designated group of Schotpoort Logistics employees started working on realising the predesigned optimal layout.

The empty building on the Bata industrials premises was outfitted with the required racks and equipped with the necessary equipment, such as forklift trucks, scanners and our warehouse management system.

To this day, it’s our people who take care of the inbound, storage and outbound movement of goods within the Bata Industrials warehouse. In the years to come, our people will also be responsible for all other logistical activities: last Wednesday, Martijn Mathot (Bata Industrials) and Fred Schotpoort (Schotpoort Logistics) jointly signed the renewed contract.

Fred Schotpoort (Managing Director of Schotpoort) and Martijn Mathot (Managing Director of Bata) Signing a new contract.
Photo: Fred Schotpoort (left) and Martijn Mathot (right) sign the new contract.

We would therefore like to thank Bata Industrials for their trust and we look forward to a long-term continuation of our collaboration!

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