Schotpoort Logistics lifts internal communication to a higher level with COMTO

Even in times when we have automated as many processes as possible with routing, transport management and warehouse management systems, clear and efficient communication remains the driving force behind our company. This is why Schotpoort recently started using the internal communication tool COMTO.

Communication plays an important role when it comes to ad hoc matters that can be directly linked to our services, such as the execution of an emergency trip or last-minute incoming goods. Perhaps less obvious, but equally important for us as a logistical service provider is the facilitation of good digital internal communication between our employees.

Given the fact that the activities we perform in our role as a logistical service provider can occur at many different locations, the physical contact between our employees is limited. Our drivers are on the road during the week and our warehouse employees work from multiple warehouse locations in Eerbeek, Best and Hoogezand. So having a cup of coffee with a colleague or supervisor to whom you would like to speak to about certain ideas, opportunities or developments is not always possible.

Interface van interne communicatie app comto.

At Schotpoort we do think it is important that ideas for improvement are shared and that all our employees are kept informed of what is going on in the organisation. That is why we recently started using COMTO’s online communication app to streamline our internal communication as efficiently as possible.

Through the app, which is suitable for both desktop and telephone, management shares developments and changes that affect the organisation. In addition, all of our employees can stay in touch with each other, share news and ideas, and give feedback on certain situations.

Practical matters can also be arranged within the application. For example, requesting a meeting with your manager or leave of absence, arranging maintenance for the lorry or ordering a pair of new work shoes.

With COMTO’s new Schotpoort communication platform, we keep internal remote communication fun and simple for our employees, and that is exactly how it should be!

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