Schotpoort Logistics from traditional road transporter to ‘Logistical architect’.

In an earlier article, we announced that Schotpoort Logistics had risen from place 55 in the top 100 logistical service providers to place 53, mainly due to our strong innovative power and digitalisation.

How we have grown from a traditional road transporter to a ’Logistical architect’ is explained in the ’Koplopers’ series. In each edition of this series, one specific logistical service provider is put under the microscope, to see where they make a difference. In the third edition of ‘Koplopers’, logistics consultant and university lecturer Hans Moonen talk to sales manager Vincent Peters to find out how digitalisation enables Schotpoort Logistics to distinguish itself from the rest.

More professional with the aid of digitalisation

Schotpoort Logistics values digitalisation highly and invests heavily in it. Our clients can see the expected delivery time of their dispatches and KPIs concerning individual deliveries at an aggregate level via our ‘Schotportal’ client portal. Clients are also able to use the portal to easily book their consignments, which are then forwarded to our planning system Ortec.

Through the portal, we provide an element of comfort and transparent cooperation between us and our clients. We also use the portal to relieve the workload within our company by automating simple processes and generating proactive dashboards based on the data available in our systems. This allows our customer service department to focus on proactively supporting our customers.

University lecturer Hans Moonen interviews sales manager Vincent Peters for "Koplopers"
Photo: Vincent Peters shows Hans Moonen how our portal operats

Our portal is also an outstanding source of information for us. By properly interpreting the available data, we can respond to our client’s needs in a targeted manner and conduct well-founded and professional discussions with clients.

The ”Schotportal” is currently being used intensively by a dozen clients. These clients benefit from the dashboards that can be generated from the system. For them, the dashboards are an excellent addition to management reports or annual reports. By continuing to invest in digitalisation, we ensure that we can continue to serve our customers in the way they are entitled to expect from us.

Would you like to read the entire double interview of Hans Moonen and our sales manager, Vincent Peters? Then click here. (Unfortunately this article is currently only available in Dutch).

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