Thijs te Kampe en Colin Hartog bij de elektrische pendeltruck

Schotpoort Logistics starts zero emission transport pilot in Eerbeek village centre

On Tuesday 15 November Schotpoort Logistics started a zero emission transport pilot within Eerbeek.

During the week-long zero emission transport pilot period, Schotpoort Logistics aims to gain insights into the kilowattage consumption of an electric truck during the regular trips for the various factories in Eerbeek.

Schotpoort Logistics will deploy a VDL Fte 210 4×2 electric truck from Schotpoort Connect in the coming days to map the actual consumption during various operations. Among other things, the electric truck will be used to shuttle finished goods between the DS Smith Packaging, Folding Boxboard, and Schotpoort Logistics warehouse on the Kollergang as well as between the de Jong Paper de Hoop factory and the LCE storage where the rolls of paper for de Jong Paper de Hoop are stored.

Emission-free village centre

Together with the paper mills, DS Smith Packaging, Folding Boxboard and de Jong Paper de Hoop, Schotpoort aims to relieve the Eerbeek village centre, improve liveability and make the industry more sustainable. Electrifying commuter traffic contributes to these objectives. Making commuter traffic within Eerbeek completely emission-free and low-noise. One of the projects under the banner of Eerbeek Loenen 2030 (

By validating in advance whether the theoretical estimates in terms of kilowattage consumption of the electric truck match the consumption in practice, Schotpoort Logistics ensures that the right choices can be made in the purchase of electric commuter vehicles and emission-free transport in the near future.

Thijs te Kampe and Colin Hartog with the electric truck that will be used for the zero emission test.
Photo: Thijs te Kampe (left) of Schotpoort Logistics and Colin Hartog (right) look together at a shuttle test between DJP de Hoop’s factory and the warehouses on the LCE site in Eerbeek.
Photo Below: Edwin Mulder (left) and Thijs te Kampe (right) present at the start-up of the shuttle pilot emmision-free transport between the DS Smith packaging plant in Eerbeek and Schotpoort Logistics’ storage site on the Kollergang.
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